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Leaking or Blocked Drains, Storm Water & Sewers.
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At Newlands plumbing Richmond, drainage problems are an everyday event. We offer drainage services to Domestic, Commercial, Industrial and Real Estate clients. Our team at Newlands Plumbing has the skill, knowledge and equipment to competently locate, clear or repair any drain problem. Newlands Plumbing is licensed, insured and professional when it comes to getting your drains back to working order. Few things interrupt a typical day quite like a blocked drain.

Leaking DrainsDSC_0112

Having a leaking drain inside the home or property can be unpleasant and unhygienic, at Newlands Plumbing we understand and endeavour to provide prompt service and solutions in these circumstances.

Blocked Toilets, Sinks & Showers

Newlands Plumbing are experienced in unblocking partially and fully blocked drains, clearing and cleaning the pipe to ensure the drain is working like new.

Storm Water & Sewer Drains

In the case a sewer or storm water drain is damaged beyond repair, completely taken over by tree roots, or has collapsed we are able to replace old for new and effectively restore your drainage with as little impact as possible to your property.

Drain Repairs

At Newlands Plumbing we have an experienced team who can diagnose your drain problem and repair or replace your damaged, cracked or collapsed drains.
Proper drainage is important when considering the structural integrity of your property. It’s never an ideal situation if there is moisture underneath your house or building. At Newlands Plumbing, we endeavour to attended to your property as soon as possible to rectify the problem.

Common Drain Problemssewer-lines-clogged1

Partially Blocked – Water draining away slowly, gurgling noises, abnormal smells, water level in toilet changing when flushed. It is important to try and fix partial blockages before they become full blockages. Fully Blocked – Water taking a long time to drain, strong odour coming from your drain. If left unattended can lead to other problems such as potential leaks in pipework creating structural damage.

Causes of Blockages

Sand, Dirt, and Tree roots invading drains are common and often problematic, invading below ground sewer and storm water drains seeking moisture. Fat and grease build up in kitchen drains. Hair and soap scum build up in bathroom drains.

Drain Technology/Equipment

Electric Drain Clearing Machines – The sewer machine can retrieve foreign object causing the obstruction if necessary. It can clear up 18 meters of drain from a set point. Destroys roots, breaks up sludge and debris, cleaning out the pipe and bringing it back to near new condition.

 Leave your drainage problems to the experts, call Newlands Plumbing today on 0408 608 592 and find out how we can help keep your drains in working order.