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Conditions of Sale

Conditions of Sale

General Terms and Conditions (Newlands Plumbing Pty Ltd)

1. Definitions and Interpretation

Booking  a timed appointment agreed between you and Newlands Plumbing for completion of Work.
Business Day weekday, excluding National and Victorian public holidays.
Business Hours between 07:30 and 16:30.
Contract a contract between Newlands Plumbing and you for the completion of work.
Equipment equipment used by Newlands Plumbing in the course of providing service.
Invoice – the amount of which are specified in the quote or invoice payable by you to Newlands Plumbing.
Unforeseen Eventan event, or a series of related events, that is outside the reasonable control of the party affected.
Materials materials supplied or to be supplied to you by Newlands Plumbing.
Premises your premises for service and materials to be provided by Newlands Plumbing
Services plumbing services provided by Newlands Plumbing.
Third-Party Costs the costs of any goods or services (including equipment rental, subcontract services) required for completion of the Work and procured by Newlands Plumbing from a third party.
Work the supply of the Materials and the provision of the Services, details of which will be agreed between parties.

2. Work

2.1 Newlands Plumbing employees hold the necessary certifications and accreditation to enable them to legally carry out plumbing and gas fitting work in Australia.
2.2 Newlands Plumbing will carry out work during business hours on or after the agreed date.
2.3 Newlands Plumbing may estimate the time to complete works, you acknowledge that this may be inaccurate and Newlands Plumbing will not be held accountable.
2.4 Newlands Plumbing reserves the right to suspend work upon failure to pay charges by the due date set out on invoice.
2.5 Upon completion of work, Newlands Plumbing should ensure removal and disposal of any waste materials and debris produced.
2.6 Newlands Plumbing will not be held responsible for any joinery, re-plastering or re-surfing following the completion of work.

3. Material

3.1 Failure to make full payment of the invoice by the due date, Newlands Plumbing will be entitled to recover possession of materials. You grant Newlands Plumbing Employees license to enter the premises without liability of trespass or resulting damage in the process of removing materials
3.2 Materials used will be of satisfactory quality and suit its purpose

4. Premises

4.1 You will provide Newlands plumbing on time full access to the premises to carry out work.
4.2 You will ensure prior to work commencing that the premises is suitably cleared of items and debris, allowing easy access.
4.3 Newlands Plumbing endeavors to comply with all reasonable health, safety and security procedures and policies advised by you.

5. Quotes, Invoices, and Payments

5.1 Prior to commencement of work, Newlands Plumbing may provide a written quote. You acknowledge that this estimate may not reflect the final invoice.
5.2 Invoices must be paid either in cash, cheque or direct bank transfer.

6. Liabilty

6.1 Newlands Plumbing will not be made liable to you in respect to indirect or consequential loss or damage financial or other.

General Terms and Conditions (Newlands Plumbing Pty Ltd) 2014-07 V1